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Nurturing Your Digital Success Through Creative Media Solutions.

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FMG is media production agency and digital news channel. We are the architects of innovation, crafting tailored media marketing remedies designed for the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our mission is clear: to empower rural and Indigenous businesses, communities, and groups with dynamic, engaging content that resonates with the world. We are your one-stop destination for web videos, audio engagements, social media marketing, and breathtaking aerial footage captured by our cutting-edge drones.

About Me

As the founder and sole proprietor of an emerging digital media technology venture located in Cache Creek, BC, I am thrilled to lead this groundbreaking company as a Media Tech Entrepreneur with an extensive career spanning over 17 years as a Host/News Reporter in Radio and Television,

I've had the privilege of working with major media entities like Jim Pattison, Bell Media, Shaw TV, and APTN National News. In 2012, I transitioned from traditional media to digital platforms, initiating a YouTube channel for my talk show, Independent Chick. This leap led to founding The Women’s Online Network in 2016, advocating for unrepresented women in Canada and aiding various organizations in establishing their online publications. Recently, I introduced Valley News, an Online News Channel aimed at Indigenous and Rural communities in the Thompson Nicola Region.

My passion lies in advocating for Indigenous Women’s issues, Disability rights, and raising awareness about Mental Health. Leveraging my expertise in broadcasting and digital media, I aim to apply these passions to the heart of our digital media venture, ensuring our services remain deeply rooted in community engagement, diverse representation, and the vital stories that need to be heard.

what We offer

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Content Planning

We provide comprehensive services for social media, video and podcast content planning ensuring a seamless and professional production experience from inception to publication.

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Content Marketing

We specialize in comprehensive management solutions for social media, podcasts, and video content, ensuring a streamlined and engaging online presence across diverse platforms.

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Content Writing

We specialize in crafting engaging and informative content for blogs and newsletters, tailored to captivate audiences and deliver valuable insights on diverse topics.

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what We offer

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Live Streaming

We specialize in meticulously planning and expertly producing live streaming events, ensuring seamless and captivating experiences for audiences across various platforms.

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Online Channel Development

We enhance communities by crafting interactive digital platforms that foster connections and improve the community experience through expert online channel planning and development.

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Drone Video & Photography

Transform your marketing approach with our drone video and photography service, crafting captivating aerial content that elevates your brand narrative and resonates with your audience. Whether it's showcasing locations, documenting events, or creating breathtaking visuals.

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Drone Emergency footage and Reporting

We offer drone technology for emergency reporting for wildfire and emergencies, we also providing comprehensive education to communities for safer communication in fire emergencies.

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